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Choco Pie

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Choco Pie

ChocoPie is een Aziatisch koekje wat te vergelijken is met een bij ons beter bekend product als ChocoPrins. Het koekje bestaat uit 2 ronde zachte biscuits met een laag marshmallow ertussen en het geheel is gechocolateerd en individueel verpakt onder beschermende stikstof atmosfeer.

Engels bericht:
ChocoPie is a sandwiched cookie with Marshmallow in between and enrobed with chocolate. This delicacy is individually packed in a flowwrapper under protecting Nitrogen gas.

The product originates from Korea and particularly the last 5 years the export of this ChocoPie to Vietnam has been booming, thanks to the fact that the combination of the crunchy biscuit cake with the soft and slightly chewy marshmallow was received very well in the Vietnamese market.

The processing line for making this product consists of a dough/batter preparation section for the cookies, immediately followed by the dough depositing on the oven belt.

This steel oven belt runs the products through the baking section, followed by continuous cooling afterwards. Trefa supplied the machinery and know how for the Marshmallow section and through RGF Applications Holland, parts of the marshmallow preparation were built locally in Vietnam.

After Marshmallow is deposited on the cookies, the process is continued by chocolate enrobing and cooling. Finally the ChocoPies are wrapped each by flow-wrappers and packed in boxes for presentation on the supermarket shelves.

The supply of machinery and technology was a typical cooperation between machine suppliers from Korea, Spain and Holland. Trefa was the specialist in the Marshmallow production. The total project management and coordination of the 3 machinery suppliers was organized by RGF Applications Holland, who has a long working experience in Vietnam and has a local partner there to market Food machinery and ingredients for the Vietnamese market.

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