Who is Trefa

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The founder of Trefa Continu Aerating Systems, was at that time one of the inventors of the principle of the so-called “pennenkop” which forms the basis of the present day aeration machines. Because of this Trefa has gained experience in the aeration of different products since the early 60s. Finally after years of preparation we moved in 2011 to our ultramodern building, were we can serf our customers better.

Trefa Continu Aerating Systems B.V. - Angerlo -  Wie is trefa Over the years these Trefa aeration machines have been technically improved and has Trefa specialized itself in developing and producing high quality aeration machines that meet the demands and wishes of today's customer. An example of these technical improvements, is the development and application of the pre-mixing chamber uniquely developed by Trefa.

In addition to these technical innovations the Trefa mixers and aerators received a CE type approval issued by KEMA Registered Quality Netherlands B.V.

Trefa Continu Aerating Systems B.V. - Angerlo -  Wie is trefa Flexibility, fast delivery and satisfying the wishes and requirements of the customer with regards to the aeration equipment and / or accessories, are the pillars of Trefa. All parts of the machine are developed and produced in-house in order to meet these high expectations.


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