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Continuous aeration on a mechanical basis is today a generally accepted process in the food industry as a logical continuation of the “batch-whipping” process in the tank. It offers many advantages in terms of product quality, shelf life, total product control of density and homogeneity and a continuous flow of freshly aerated product. This flow can be connected to a filler, a depositing machine or an extruder.

The aerating head aerating head which enables continuous mechanical aeration, was already developed by Trefa in the early 60s. To ensure the efficient mixing of gas in the liquid at the lowest possible rotational speed, an aerating head was developed in the early 90s in which the aeration process in the head is divided in different phases.

The first phase is a coarse distribution of the gas in a gas-liquid mixture, in the so-called “pre-mixing chamber”, and then a further mixing of the gas, the so-called foaming of the liquid in the so-called “high sheer” phase.

Due to this design of the aerating head with “pre-mixing chamber” one has optimum control over the foaming and is the temperature increase of the product reduced to an absolute minimum. This is a huge advantage, especially for temperature sensitive products such as fat-creams, chocolate and egg-whites.

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